The Musser International Turfgrass Foundation

About the Foundation

The Musser International Turfgrass Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering turfgrass as a learned profession, to enhancing the lives of people all over the world through turfgrass, and to supporting education and research in turfgrass development and management.

The intent of the foundation is to recognize and honor doctoral graduate students in Turfgrass Science and related disciplines without partiality to region or special interest.

The Mission

A 501(c)(3), The Musser International Turfgrass Foundation was organized for the following specific non-profit purposes: (a) To promote and foster turfgrass as a learned profession. (b) To recognize the name, teachings, and achievements of H.B. Musser, Professor Emeritus of Agronomy, a pioneer in the development, management and care of turfgrasses for recreation, commerce and aesthetic purposes, and to perpetuate these outstanding contributions with the H.B Musser Turfgrass Fellowship, thereby continuing his dedicated life to enhancing the lives of people all over the world through turfgrass. (c) To initiate and maintain a fund, the proceeds from which will foster and support education and research in turfgrass development and turfgrass management, with distribution of funds made for: (i) Encouraging the pursuit of learning at all levels of professional careers in turfgrass through training and education, research and experience: and (ii) Awarding grants to turfgrass programs at major colleges and universities to aid select and deserving students in pursuing higher and advanced studies and research in turfgrass. (d) To initiate and implement specific efforts to advance the use of turfgrass as a means to enhance the socio/economic, the healthful and pleasurable environment of all peoples and places.

Board Members

  • Joseph Baidy, JB Agronomy
  • Michael Bavier, Inverness CC-retired
  • Stacy Bonos, Rutgers University
  • Marsh Benson, Augusta National Golf Club-retired
  • Darin Bevard, USGA Green Section
  • Nick Christians, Iowa State University
  • Michelle DaCosta, Stockbridge School of Agriculture
  • Karl Danneberger, The Ohio State University
  • Darren Davis, Olde Florida Golf Club
  • D. Frank Dobie, The Sharon Golf Club-retired
  • Bob Farren, Pinehurst Resort & Country Club
  • Ed Fischer, Old Elm Club-retired
  • Dean Graves, Chevy Chase GC-retired
  • Michael Hurdzan, Hurdzan Golf Course Design
  • Pat Jones
  • John Kaminski, Penn State University
  • James Loke, Bent Creek C.C.-retired
  • Jeffrey Markow, Cypress Point Club
  • Terry Plagmann, Penncross Growers Assoc.
  • John Spodnik, Westfield CC-retired
  • Lane Tredway, Syngenta
  • David Webner, Westwood CC
  • Bruce Williams, Bruce Williams Golf Consulting
  • Melodee Fraser, Pure Seed Testing, Inc.